Gravity Grid is Now Available in the Google Play store!

Well folks, today is the day:
Gravity Grid is officially available in the Google Play store!

In Gravity Grid, you alter the gravity of planetary systems by moving planets around a 7×7 grid. Each tile in the grid has a gravity score, and the value of each tile increases according to its proximity to the center. Each level will present a planetary system that is out of alignment. Your mission is to move the planets so that their total score equals the necessary gravity score for that system. If you like puzzle games that involve simple mechanics and math, then you’ll love playing Gravity Grid!

Get Gravity Grid for free on Google Play

  • No in-app purchases!
  • No interstitial or video ads!
  • Hundreds of levels grouped into galaxies of 25 planetary systems!

About Gravity Grid

Solve the puzzle, save the universe! In the near future, the universe will collapse after an ultrastar implodes and gravity ripples tear through everything we know and love! Only you, armed with the Gravity Grid device–a smartphone app that is actually a nanodimensional wormhole manipulator!–can save the known universe by realigning the gravity grids of distance star systems so that the gravity ripples are contained.

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