Next project has been approved: Mars, here we come!

It’s been a wild ride this whole year, with the non-turkeys around here super busy with tiny non-turkeys growing up left and right! One is starting first grade this year and the other two are are starting preschool. On top of all this, the chief non-turkey of this outfit has been super busy working on awesome musical soundtracks for upcoming titles. So where does that leave STG’s second all-star title?

Moving from concept to pre-alpha, that’s where!

Title forthcoming, this next game is going to be Martian base-building game with a twist. Designed through the lens of applied psychology and political sociology, I’ve been conceptualizing a game that will take Sim City, put it on Mars, and add in a little bit of Heroes of Might and Magic. Sound crazy? You bet it does!

Stay tuned–as always–for some updates as the development gets under way for the next year on our early alpha concept.


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