Working Puzzle Doors


The puzzle doors have been the foundational component of Waystation Echo since the beginning. The idea is that you have to find “charges” in the explorable space to charge power relays associated with a particular door. Once you have found sources of power to extract charges, you can insert the charges (using your Rikero-19 tool) into the power relays on the door.

Here’s a glimpse of what a working door computer and associated power relay looks like. Note the power relay is in the charged state:

This particular door panel is displaying an “Error” message about “AUF” but the fact that this is in Emergency Boot Mode should give a slight hint about the state of the Waystation–namely, that everything in the environment should have you second-guessing whether it’s suppose to be the way you’re experiencing it or if something is wrong. Artistically, I’m trying to create sense of “is there a false narrator” within the gameplay, so that as a player going through, you are constantly trying to figure out if you are supposed to be participating in something that is “broken” or if the fact that you are questioning whether something “is supposed to be broken” is part of the game.

This is all part of the immediate area you enter in after the prologue, which I’ll give updates for once the Rikero-19 animations are completed.


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