Cleaning up character movement


One of the biggest changes I made to the game early on was moving from a first-person design to a third-person design. My primary object is and has always been to invoke a feeling of being removed from the environment, to simulate the real phenomenon if feeling like you watching life happen around you instead of actively participating in it. I think the third-person is going to help invoke this a lot more subtly.

(Okay, okay, I also really like the way the aiming works in games like Warframe, where you do a reticle zoom over the character’s shoulder.)

As you can see, the animation is pretty terrible. I’d been working with some animations that came baked with the asset but had this sneaky feeling like I would want to replace them as soon as possible. Writing my own actor controller from scratch has taken an enormous amount of time, but after getting my hands on some better animations, I think we’re at a point where the movement is a bit more realistic:

Despite that, though, the collider capsule is, well, ineffective. To fix this problem, I’m going to add a “LookAtCone” which will have the tip right up against the player’s face and then the center of the flat bottom of the cone aligned with the reticle. Or maybe the other way, I don’t know. What I do know is that I need a way to use the reticle getting close to a trigger event to invoke the trigger–even if our model isn’t necessarily next to it.


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