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One of the things I realized after playing Destiny 2 last night is that the orbit camera in third-person mode is exactly the look and feel I am going for in Waystation Echo. Right now, I do have a rudimentary orbital camera rig that follows the mouse, but when you are standing still the camera does not orbit around you–rather, it sort of scoot-moves you:

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This seems like an easy thing to fix: just check to see if the player has any other move inputs right now and, if not, orbit the camera. when moving, orient the player to the camera direction and lock the camera rig back into “tracking” mode.

As it turns out, the hardest part of fixing this was mapping the input for W to become the “Activator” of the movement rotation. When I got it working initially, the A and D keys were causing the player to rotate instead of strafe. Simple fix.

Waystation Echo – Devlog Update

I really like how this turned out (no pun intended haha) because the way the player turns is dependent on where the camera is looking. Since a major aspect of the game is exploration and investigation, being able to just look around–and then immediately expect the player to move toward where the camera is looking–is a must.

I also did a bunch of work with the Power Relays and the Door Computer, including updates to sound triggers and dynamic material emission control. It looks really cool, but I’m not ready to share yet. Stay tuned!


P.S. Okay, okay, I did do some shader work, too, so I guess I’ll share a quick preview of that:


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