The Early Turkey Club is our exclusive newsletter club that everyone is invited to!

Why become an Early Turkey?

Early Turkeys get a special hand-written email from our Non-Turkey-in-Chief Jesse (and me, the Narrator) anytime something special is about to happen. This might be exclusive access to a private beta distribution of a new game coming out, free games and apps only available to Early Turkeys, and special deals available only to you through our special emails.

I hate getting email!

It’s okay, we hate getting email, too. In fact, did you know that in 2016, 0% of the turkeys in the United States received email? It’s a known fact that Turkeys are notoriously anti-email, and at Space Turkey Games, the Non-Turkey-in-Chief  has a policy that no email shall go to Non-Turkeys that is not 100% written by a Non-Turkey, that does not benefit Non-Turkeys, and that does not harbor goodwill toward the Receiving-End Non-Turkey (RENT).

In other words, we refuse to send you an email unless it contains something new that we are offering exclusively to our Early Turkey Club.

But I’m not a turkey.

I understand. There are many here at Space Turkey Games that are also not turkeys. What’s important here is that we all work together toward a common good: Great entertainment for Non-Turkey’s everywhere!

How do I sign up?

With the sign-up form, silly! Look at the top of this page.

I have an actual question that is not being answered by this sarcastic narrator.

Well then, take it up with the Chief Non-Turkey at